TV Review: Once Upon a Time – “An Apple Red as Blood” (Spoilers)

This is the first TV review I have written for an episode in particular. I found it is easier to judge a show by each episode than as a whole. Primarily because sometimes an amazing television series can have a flawed episode. “An Apple Red as Blood” isn’t the best we’ve seen from Once Upon a Time , but it also isn’t the worst.

This show has a strong following, and the ratings stay up pretty high. There are some people I wouldn’t dare criticize the show in front of. But, to be completely honest, nothing that has happened in this show has really stuck out to me. The people who don’t watch Once Upon a Time criticize it as another fairy tale adaptation for teenagers. I find it hard not to agree with them. Yet here I am, having seen 21 episodes of the show willingly.

So it’s safe to say I am wouldn’t call myself a Once Upon a Time fan. In this particular episode we aren’t focused on one characters back story. You can immediately tell the show is gearing up for it’s finale next week. We start off seeing Regina (The evil queen) having a nightmare where it seems all the other characters are burning her. I really can’t say I feel any remorse for her, even though the show has attempted to show her side of the story a couple times now.

I mean the bitch pretty much doomed everyone because she wanted to get snow back for not keeping  a promise when she was a little kid. She’s killed people because of this. I understand that in the original fairy tales the character development of the evil characters was scarce, because the only real definition they needed was that they were simply evil. I applaud Once Upon a Time for trying to put more motivation behind it, but it’s falling flat. I really just want Emma to shoot her and be done with it.

After the first dream sequence in the series. Regina realizes that her apple tree is falling apart and she confronts Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) who is content to see this new world fall apart. Regina’s schemes to find the Mad-Hatter and let him use his magic hat to retrieve the apple. The magic doesn’t seem to work, then conveniently Regina has an item of magic, but it’s real precious to her, we know this because it has a picture of that dude she loved on it.

This little magic only allows the mad hatter to retrieve one single item from the other world. Conveniently all she is after is one single item. The apple. In which she bakes into a pie to plot to kill Emma once and far all. Meanwhile Emma can’t come to terms with being a hero and decides to do what’s right for Henry. Leaving him with the evil queen mother Regina. Even though she just found out she was a murderer and put an innocent man behind bars.

Emma, even having about 3-4 people tell her now, still doesn’t believe the fairy tale story. She makes piece with Regina who in returns offers her the deadly pie. Meanwhile in the fairy tale world we learn that Snow ate the poisonous apple to save Charming, this storyline was alright, some of the action scenes are well choreographed during the castle raid. Although the fairies sounding like bees was weird.

At the end, Henry notices the pie and to prove to Emma that it’s poisonous he takes a bite of it and then collapses. While Emma stands there screaming. If Henry is really dead, that is a solid change of pace for the story, especially getting rid of that child actor. I know they try real hard, and I wouldn’t want to ruin his spirit. But seriously that kid needs a new acting coach. Or the show needs better directors.

As I was saying, it would’ve been a nice change of pace ending, but my prediction is he will be hospitalized or something in the finale and he will be alright. This show isn’t known for its twists and turns. As a whole the show does an interesting thing connecting all these fairy tales together and re-writing them and their outcomes. It’s the “real” world that I believe feels stale. Like seriously nothing interesting has happened in this world.

So my consensus for this particular episode is that it follows the shows usual 50/50 scale. Where half is alright and the other half is dull. The connection with the real and fairy tale world can be interesting sometimes, but ever since they removed the mystery it just feels a little convoluted. There really doesn’t feel like there’s much to look forward to with this show.

Final Score: 1.5/4