Late Video Game Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: Masters

                     I want to start this review off by saying I have never played the early PGA games with the exception of about an hours with of game play on ’11. As a fan of the sport of golf this game has provided me with some good hours of entertainment.

I have also played few Sports games, so this review won’t contain much comparisons. From what I hear this is the first game to feature The Masters tournament and have the Masters Moments feature. This is fun and interesting and even more so for avid golf fans. Unfortunately I am not an “avid” golf fan. Just a simple golf fan, I respect and enjoy the sport.

This game can be a little addicting as far as winning the next tournament, facing the AI forms of professional golfers with your own created character. The character creation doesn’t offer a wide variety of features including hair, clothing, ect. It does offer multiple options of facial structure, oddly enough. Same issue I had with Mass Effect in the create-a-character options.

After you have your character you compete in tournaments and other competitions to rise to the top of the world rankings. As I kept playing this game the better I got. I pretty much birdie the majority of holes now. There are a lot of mathematical factors that go into the placement of your swing. Wind, Power, how straight you push the thumbstick, the slope beneath your ball. This makes it often unpredictable and realistic in vain of the sport.

The pressure and added effects can also get to you, just like real golf. Everything about the gameplay feels perfect and realistic. The graphics of the game aren’t good considering it is 2012. The AI audience looks creepy and robotic and will often clap in unison for you. Also, the music, cheering and other sound effects get real old after a few tournaments.

With that said, the game is very fun and entertaining. I will continue to play and enjoy it for now.

Final Score: 3/4