Film Review: Chimpanzee


                 Our world is vast and incredible and thanks to the recent Planet Earth and Disney Nature documentaries, we pursue these adventures at home. This time last year African Cats was released, and the story behind those animals was realistic, subtly brutal but maintained that Disney spark.

                 This Earth Day we are presented with Chimpanzee an amazing true story of an orphan chimp that is taken in by the leader of the tribe. Unlike African Cats this film insists on covering the more animalistic habits of the chimp with it’s story. Per usual, the cinematography is absolutely incredible and at times unreal. Which is a lot like the storyline, sometimes it’s hard to believe how the filmmakers discover these remarkable stories. Most of the story is swayed with editing and narration techniques however. Begs the question, what would the filmmakers have done if poor Oscar didn’t survive the trials and tribulations of the African jungle?

               I could intimately discuss the making of the film. However as a movie-goer I feel unimpressed with the overall execution of the film. I understand the material is limited,  but what we have here is a film that is 75% chimps doing normal chimp-things and the remainder is the incredible story…or moment of adoption. African Cats had a very sour ending for a kids movie, so I went into Chimpanzee not believing that I could predict the outcome of the chimp vs. chimp confliction.

               Talking basics, I believer there wasn’t enough of a story out of what we see here. Could it have been cut, written or shot in a way that would’ve given it more to go off of? Maybe. This is a good film to take the kids out too, even if it’s just roughly over an hour. Besides that there’s just not enough here to be fully effective. I respect the filmmaking and the attempt, but ultimately will see it is Alright at best.

Final Score: 2/4