IPhone App Review – Temple Run

           This game hit the IPhone market awhile back. I downloaded it for it’s highly positive reception. It has become more and more popular in the last few months.

Your an explorer, thirsty for adventure who discovers an idol. Unfortunately if you are a fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark you understand that taking an idol from a mysterious temple can often result in ill-fate.

To start the game you have to take this idol which triggers a flock of gorilla skull monster things to chase you. You are now playing the game. Your guy takes care of the continuous running, it’s up to you to tell him when to jump, slide, and turn. You can also collect coins along the way for a higher score, and to purchase extra items from the game’s store.

Temple Run is a simple game with a simple premise that is very epic and fun. The path never ends, you will die, it’s just a matter of how long you can hold out. Some people get millions of points from running and share their score on Facebook and Twitter. The extra characters and score opportunities you can purchase from the in-game market give you a common goal to keep playing as well. This game tests your hand-eye coordination and the test gets harder and harder as it goes on. There are also a good deal of Game Center achievements you can shoot for as well. The only thing I find useless in the market is the utilities, which I’m sure people like. I have tired and used them, but it often feels like a waste of coins and makes me feel like I cheated.

Temple Run , just like all iPhone Apps game, has a life-span of entertainment value, this particular life-span lasts about a month, which is good by iPhone game standards. Even after you get bored of the game you will find yourself occasionally going for a run or two. Even though I got bored with it, I keep it as an app on my iPhone for it’s high entertainment value.

Final Score: A-